30+ Short Funny Words And Funny Quotes Of The Day

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Short Funny Words And Funny Quotes Of The Day

Short Funny Words

“1. I’ve found the key to happiness. Stay the hell away from assholes.”

“2. There’s only one thing that keeps me from breaking you in half, I don’t want two of you around.”

“3. If a woman speaks and no one is listening, her name is probably mom.”

“4. Shhhhhhh!! Trust me, you don’t want to wake the cat. She’s crazy!.”

“5. Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I’m not in a mental asylum. Then I take a good look around at everyone and realize… maybe I am.”

“6. A true friend is someone who hates all the same assholes you do!.”

“7. If mama aint happy, ain’t nobody happy… if grandma ain’t happy… Run!.”

“8. I never said I hated you. I just said that if you were on fire, I might consider roasting marshmallows. Big difference.”

“9. OMG wrong person! Cancel! Cancel! Cancel message sent ok kill me now. Hit like if this has happened to you!.”

“10. Why do we feel safe under blankets? Its’s not like a murderer will come in thinking, “I’m gonna kill-ahh damn! She’s under a blanket…””

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