57+ Good Morning Quotes with Images


Good Morning Quotes with Images

“Rise up, start fresh see the bright opportunity in each day”

“Your love is all I need to stay motivated throughout the day. Thank you for being so inspiring. Good morning!”

“Good Morning. As you start and end the day, be thankful for every little thing in your life. You will come to realize how blessed you really are.”

“GOOD MORNING. I said a prayer for you this morning. I ask God to be close to you today. To shower you with his love and grace and to let you know how much you are loved. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY.”

“Good Morning. Life is hard, but God provides. Life is unpredictable, but God guides. Life is unfair but God cares. Life is always a challenge, but God sustains.”

“Find the beauty in each and every moment, stay in the present, and leave yesterday behind. Here’s to a fresh start on this gorgeous new day. Good morning”

“MORNING is the best time to remember all your favorite people in the world who make you happy so that you wake up with a smile on your face. GOOD MORNING.”

“Welcome to the new morning with ‘smile’ on your ‘face’ ‘love in your ‘heart’ ‘good thoughts ‘in your mind’ wish you a lovely morning always”. Good morning”

“GOOD MORNING. Remember to take care of yourself. Sometimes you forget because you’re too busy taking care of other people. Remember You are important too.”

“In the morning, lift my hands towards the heavens. And surrender my heart in prayer to the Most High God.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

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